Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh Baby Baby!

Humph... at some point in the past week it is possible... assuming dear monkey that you exist... that I reached week 10 of you life. Mr.Stick told me again that you did not exist, and if you did not... that what the LMNOP is going on with my body!?!?!?

But if you do exist? Today you weigh the same as four paper clips and are beginning to move. I still can't feel you. Your big accomplishment this week is that you lost your tail. (cough) I am learning so many things about little monkeys... I sure hope you exist!

You are now 'breathing' and this week you start to urinate. Thanks! I've always wanted someone to urinate on my insides... perhaps having all this knowledge is really not needed :P.

Dear Monkey... I love you!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I made it because I put my back out three weeks ago, and I'm still not better. It doesn't hurt all the time now, but I can't sit for more then an hour in a hard chair without being in pain for the rest of the day. And getting up and down from said chair? It's ridiculous!

And so an appointment was made. And when I go to see my doctor, I'm going to discuss you Monkey. If you are going to make your debut, I would like to know. So I can learn more about tails and urination. I also read something yesterday about toddler lead weening onto solids... it was really interesting, and something your dad and I could discuss.

And your dad? He is excited too... keeps telling me to try talking to Mr.Stick again. I don't think he realizes how often I have!

Know this Monkey. If you are with us, you are very much wanted... and your crazy aunt M... she wanted you before we were even trying, and she's going to spoil you rotten!

Sleep tight Monkey.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby it's Cold Inside!

I went bowling last night. I was tired of sitting out, as I'd missed our last two weeks.

Today I am paying for it. My back pain is back to an 8 on the pain scale. It hurts to laugh let alone sneeze which I seem to be doing more often as well.

This is week three, and I honestly don't know how much more of this I can take. I asked Alex if I could lie across the sofa he was sitting on this evening, and got an eye roll. I'm not sure how much more of this HE can take.

I want to feel better! Help me feel better!

Oh yeah, and my feet are FREEZING! I am ready for the winter to be over!

Monday, February 15, 2010

How Can I Not Know?

Aunt Flow came to visit last on Dec 14... but my new friend 'Mr.Stick' says 'NO'... grrrrr I don't know what to do!

The problem is this... I've never missed a month, until November. She came to visit in October and missed November... Mr.Stick said 'NO' the whole time, but I thought 'I've never missed before... this must be it!'.. and then BAMB. Almost exactly 2 months on and she comes a knocking.

Now it's been just over 2 months again and I could go see a doctor, but what if she comes to see me tomorrow? So aggravating! Mr. Stick still says 'No'... and when he says 'No' I mean he has said it a half dozen times.

In the meantime I've been watching a pregnancy countdown thing online. IF we actually are a 'Yes', then our little monkey has 20 teeth buds, and is starting to drink fluids this week, his intestines are moving into his body, and if he's poked he moves away.

And we are missing it all. Because we don't KNOW he's there!

Poor little monkey!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I always loved Valentine's day growing up. My parents always got us a small gift of some kind, which always made us feel included in the 'love' holiday... it never seemed like a thing for couples until I moved away from home... and even then I sometimes found a card in the mail. :)
I remember as a kid there was one boy in the class who always gave a pack of cinnamon hearts with his cards each year... didn't even like them, but it was what you ate at the class party!
This year is hubby and my third Valentine's together. It was FAB! Last night he made me dinner, a really yummy roast. He set the table and lit a candle. Sigh. It just makes your heart flutter a bit!
Today, we exchanged cards and a wee bit of candy, and then each spent the day as we liked. I did a Valentine's swap on Ravelry, so I had a package to open from that as well, and it was awesome. My partner really spoiled me. Below is a picture of all the goodies!

What a great day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas On a Budget

I'm trying to cut back on what we spend at Christmas... both because it's become a big shopping spree we end up paying off for months afterwards, and also because we just don't NEED a lot of stuff!

So... here is what we are doing...

Alex's Side:
- handmade photo card with an update of our year (cost = $1 for photos)
- if I have time I'd like to make some dish cloths and give a bottle of dish soap (cost = 'free' because I already have all the stuff!)
- handmade photo card with an update of our year (cost = $1 for photos + shipping)
- scarf ('free' made with yarn I already had) for BIL
- nice reusable shopping bag ($5) for SIL
- night at the movies with snacks (20,000 PC points... hopefully if we have them!) and babysitting (free from us!)
- wool blanket ($50 in yarn... didn't realize it would take so much yarn!)
- ... maybe something fun? ($5)
- night at the movies with snacks (20,000 PC points... hopefully if we have them!)
- blush and blush brush ('free cuz' I bought them for myself earlier and didn't need them)
- flower shaped face cloths ('free' cuz I already have the yarn)
- toner or face wash (about $5... still need to buy)
- water bottle ($3.50)
- water bottle ($3.50)
... huh

Faith's Side
- rich chocolate brown 600 thread count sheets and extra pillow cases ($80 but 'free' because we had a gift card)
- new shower head ('free' because we won it) for F
- reusable shopping bag ($5) for M
- scrap booking metal filing cabinet (FREE!)
- double sided tapes (FREE!)
- reusable shopping bag ($5)
- water bottle ($3.50)
- water bottle ($3.50)
... huh
- some dish cloths and a bottle of dish soap (cost = 'free' because I already have all the stuff!)
- some dish cloths and a bottle of dish soap (cost = 'free' because I already have all the stuff!)

... Now I just have to make sure I'm not missing anyone!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Health Month

Our company is offering each employee $150 if they take part in a 'health month' for the month of November... and somehow my department voted me as the 'director' of our group. Joy.

But there are some interesting things... the outline is that you must do 20-60 minutes of 'workout' every day. For bonus points you can - drink water, eat fruits and veggies and do a 'take care of yourself' items.

This is what interests me... this last includes - sleeping for 30 minutes extra, taking me time and reading a book, taking a bath etc, eating away from your desk OR de-cluttering and cleaning for 30 minutes... when you try to be a better person you often think of eating better and working out, but de-cluttering? And yet it makes so much sense!

This is the LAST time I will say this...

Alex and I have joined a bowling league, and every Monday night you can find us down knocking down pins. It's great fun, and usually I get a little better each week... slow... very slow progress to almost always bowling at least 100... not good by any means, but better then when I started!

Today on our drive there I mentioned that today... though I SWORE I wouldn't, I filled out the paper work to begin the process of changing my name. I don't personally care, but I know that it bugs Alex sometimes that I still go by my maiden name.

This is the thing...

When we got married I took care of the wedding. Alex didn't want to have the stress of helping, so I told him that I wouldn't bug him with anything wedding related IF he planned the honeymoon. Four weeks before the wedding... I booked the honeymoon... because he said he 'didn't want to make a mistake'.

When we got married I told him that it was VERY important to me that he fill out the paper work for insurance purposes. I know this is something I'm very bad at, since I'm not organized, and it gets me VERY stress. He said ok... and I've been doing it ever since.

When we got home from our honeymoon I asked him to fill the holes in the bedroom walls left from a shelf we removed. He asked to have a day or two to relax and I said ok... 15 months later, and the holes are still there.

I bought 10 antique chairs shortly after moving into the house, with grand plans of refinishing them. I bought a sander, fabric, paint and paint thinner. I got the seats and backs removed and sanded a chair only to realize that this was way more work then I thought. My hands vibrated after 10 minutes of sanding, and because of a skin condition I have cuts on my fingers that make me very sensitive. So I asked him to do the stripping of the chairs after which I will repaint and fabric them.

I realize that this was a project I took on before we were dating and that it is in fact MY project. But it hurts! So I told him I would consider it a grand birthday present... it's only about 9 hours of work - two weeks of an hour a day... my birthday was last week and not a single chair has any progress... and the chairs continue to sit... no back, no seat... useless and messy.

Yes there are many reasons not to complete this project - it is cold, it is wet, work is long and stressful.

But we have a basement room that could have everything removed into the main basement, and then the chairs could be sanded in comfort - the mess left out until everything was completed. The contents of the room don't even need to be moved out in a tidy way - just piled outside of the room would be fine! In turn I could paint and recover them in the same room and by Christmas we could have chairs... in fact at Christmas we are having 20 people over, so we NEED those chairs.

But I won't ask again. He knows this is important to me and I hope that matters to him. In the meantime the chairs will sit there... and we shall see...

My Sister

My younger sister is getting married... it seems so weird to think of my sister getting married... as the oldest, I think it's hardest for me to accept that she is growing up... lol at this point 23 and with her boy for almost 5 years!

Today she got a call from the company she did her work placement at. They want her to come back for a 14 moth contract. This is FANTASTIC news... not only does it mean that she did a great job the first time around... but with the amount of available jobs, they must have had their pick of available candidates and they chose her!

I think they will have a fabulous life ahead of them...

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today is thanksgiving in Canada and there is much to be thankful for!

This year I am thankful...

For a dog that loves me... and loves me even more when I've had a bad day.
For a husband that understands me... and loves me anyway! That's not something that happens everyday.
For a large extended family who loves and supports us... even if they don't understand our choices.
For good jobs that are fairly secure in a world where there isn't a lot of security.
For fairly well running vehicles to get to those jobs.
For creativity and the ability to use it everyday of my life.
For travel.
For knowledge.
For shelter.
For health plans that allow me to get help in my quest to lose weight.